Sunday, May 7, 2017

Who or What Made This Mothership Crop Circle?


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Mothership Glass is famous for creating some of the most expensive glass pieces in the world, but do they also make crop circles?
This astonishing crop circle popped up in the UK countryside a few days ago. Astonishing because, well, it’s nearly an exact replica of the Mothership Glass logo.
Could this be a stamp of approval from our highly evolved extraterrestrial neighbors?
Or perhaps it was commissioned by the Washington-based glass blowers?
There is no definite answer at this moment but this crop circle is undoubtedly unique.
The countless and wild theories surrounding crop circle creation range from incredibly precise wind patterns to the physical manifestation of human energy. In 1991, two men admitted they were responsible for the creation of some simple crop circles throughout the UK. Others followed the trend and created similar hoax crop circles. While some crop circle researchers admit that many crop circles originated as a hoax, many intricate crop circles have yet to be explained. Crop circle enthusiasts also point out that there is no reliable way to distinguish man-made crop circles from “real” ones. Adding to the mystery, crop circles always appear overnight, and their creation has never been recorded (except for some less intricate man-made examples).
You may have noticed the alien-like symbols surrounding the design where the “Mothership” lettering usually sits. However, users on the leading crop circle documentation website, Crop Circle Connector, have confirmed that the symbols surrounding this crop circle appear on multiple newly-released Mothership Glass pieces.
But this mystery goes a step further. One Crop Circle Connector contributor who goes by the username Red Collie noticed that the obscure symbols surrounding the crop circle translate to “Mothership,” mirroring the glass company’s logo to a tee.
The symbol Mothership Glass uses in their logo, the Trillium Leaf Trinity, is an ancient symbol used throughout history and religious scripture to symbolize victory as well as protection. It has been found in previous crop circles, but never in this specific design. Steven, a contributor to Crop Circle Connector, states that the trinity leaf symbol is “the opening of the spiritual world and higher mind through plants, mushrooms, etc. It is an old secret hidden in all cultures.”
Looking deeper into the sacred geometry of the crop circle, you can see that there is a hidden star tetrahedron in the Metatron Cube lying on the more noticeable Flower of Life pattern. Interestingly, the only repeated letter is “H,” while all the other letters are unique symbols.
Many crop circle enthusiasts have acknowledged that Mothership Glass undoubtedly inspired the formation, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is a hoax. The main argument being, why would an American company create a crop circle in the middle of Wiltshire (UK)?
So what do you think?
Is this a brilliant method of guerilla marketing by Mothership Glass or the sign of something higher?

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