Friday, May 26, 2017

National Hemp Association Announces New Leadership

By John Finamore

The National Hemp Association (NHA) continues to play a pivotal role in the national effort for hemp legalization, cultivation, and industrial use, announced today the election of a new Board Chairman and with it a continued commitment to garner the support of its members, individuals and entities for the hemp industry.

The NHA Board unanimously elected Geoff Whaling to serve as Chairman of the organization. Geoff was elected to the NHA Board in 2016 and has been exceedingly active in the promotion and legalization of hemp at the national level and in his home state of Pennsylvania. He is the President of the Pennsylvania Hemp Industry Council and a member of the Pennsylvania Farmers Union Board of Directors.  Geoff is the co-founder of the national Coalition For Access Now and Athletes for CARE – both are not for profit organizations focusing on hemp and wellness.  With a qualified resume for directing progressive organizations like the NHA, Geoff is committed to devoting his time and longstanding relationships with congressional and administration leaders to advance the full federal legalization of industrial hemp.

As the new Chairman, Geoff and the entire NHA Board recognized outgoing Chairman Michael Bowman with an honorary role on the NHA Board. The honorary position is in recognition of Michael’s role as co-founder of the Rocky Mountain Hemp Association and founding Chairman of the NHA’s Board of Directors.   Now a full time resident of southern California, Michael will continue to champion hemp and help facilitate its growth and development at both the national and state level.  He will continue to consult and advise the NHA on all matters hemp and our continued efforts to pass favorable federal hemp legislation.

Geoff Whaling also expressed that “the Board and membership thanks Mike for his role and efforts on behalf of the NHA and looks forward to building on the foundation he and others have firmly established.  Our work from here forward will be to diligently educate elected and agency officials in Washington, DC on how passage of Industrial Hemp Legislation will create hundreds of new opportunities and jobs for farmers, manufacturers and industry.”


About the Author: John Finamore is the Executive Director for the National Hemp Association. The National Hemp Association's mission is to support the growth and development of all aspects of the industrial hemp industry in the United States. 

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