Wednesday, May 31, 2017

6 Fascinating Hemp Facts That Every Hemp Enthusiast Must Know

By greenroads World

Hemp cultivation can be dated back to thousand of centuries. The current stir surrounding this cannabis species can be considered as resurfacing or the new birth of the plant. However, hemp and marijuana never left us entirely, only the legal matters made it unacquirable. 

The benefits of hemp oil, CBD edibles, ointments, and other hemp infused products have been proven through various studies. The only facts that we know about hemp and CBD are that they are produced industrially today, have no THC, and have innumerable health benefits.

But do you know that there are some amazing facts associated with hemp that links us to its history quite interestingly? We have assembled 6 such facts on hemps to present quite a good read for all the hemp enthusiasts!

Let's get started!

1.Hemp was once known as "the billion dollar crop"
Hemp was one of the most salable crops of the 20th century. Considered to be the biggest cash crop in the USA, hemp was first crop to enter the list of billion dollar sale. It was the first crop cultivated in mid 19th century when Kentucky was alone the producer of around 40,000 tons. The sales only saw a rise making it a billion dollar crop in 1938.

2.This amazing crop can solve our environmental issues
"Hemp for Victory- A Global Warming Solution" is written by Richard Davis where he discusses the benefits of cultivating hemp over other crops. This book reports that "hemp is the most productive of all natural fibres producing almost twice as much as fibre as cotton and six times as much fibre per hectare as flax." It can be considered as an alternative for energy resource which has minimum carbon emissions helping solve our global warming issues.

3.80% of fabrics were made using hemp until 1820s
Cotton fabric was first introduced to the world in 1820s and has remained one of the most preferred material even today. But, until then 80% of clothes, textiles, and fabrics were tailored from hemp fabric. The good news is that there are brands who have introduced hemp fabrics today.

4.There are no records suggesting any side effects of hemp consumption
The products made from hemp such as CBD tea, or as many say organic CBD hemp tea, CBD oil, CBD edibles, etc. are widely accepted by the people. The most satisfactory thing about these products is that there is no single side effect recorded unlike the conventional medications.

5.Do you know who owned one of the very first hemp processed paper mills?
Benjamin Franklin! Yes, he was among the very first few persons owning a paper mill that used hemp for the production. He was not the only one of the founding fathers involved in hemp production, mains like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were also involved in growing hemp.

6.Henry Ford made "the car grown from the soil" possible
Well, the father of motors, Henry Ford used hemp in the making of his Model-T which was then called as the car grown from the soil. Do you know why? Well the plastic panels used in the car were made of hemp whose strength was 10 times that of steel. Yes, you read that right! And not only that, this eco car was built to run on hemp gasoline!

Don't you think that those were the times when the world seemed more progressive? These innovators made the most of the nature, and here we are, stuck with legalities even for using this miraculous plant for our own health! Well, now that we have said enough in hemp's existence, it may become a lot more easy to buy hemp infused products!

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