Nearly two dozen businesses were closed Feb. 12, 2018, accused of selling cannabidiol
Protesters endured heavy rain Friday morning outside the Rutherford County Judicial Building to show opposition to the arrest of shop owners selling cannabidiol. 
The rain-soaked group of less than a dozen held signs that read, “Hemp is legal, hemp saves lives” and “Recall the D.A. & arrest the sheriff.” 
The protesters gathered in support of shop owners who were accused of selling gummy candies and vape juice containing cannabidiol — also known as CBD.

“The fact that we’re closing down vape shops for something that is 100 percent legal just doesn’t make sense to me,” said protestor Logan Weaver, an MTSU student who has been vaping with CBD for four years. Weaver said it helps relieve pain from inflammatory ailments.
On Monday, law enforcement officers padlocked 23 Rutherford County businesses selling CBD, and authorities indicted 21 people in the investigation law enforcement officials named "Operation Candy Crush," according to a news release from the Rutherford County Sheriff's Office.
CBD is extracted from the legally grown hemp plant. It can be made into an oil that is often used to relieve pain.