Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Top Twenty Series - Uses for Hemp - Introduction

Source: steemit.com

Hemp: What May be the Most Useful Plant on Planet Earth

Much maligned in the last century for it's relationship to marijuana, hemp has proven a plant for the ages. Archaeologists have dated hemp porcelain shards back 10,000 years and clothing 8,000 years. Early drafts of the US Declaration of Independence were written on hemp parchment. It is a plant with nearly unlimited uses from building materials, fuel, textiles, food, alcohol, rope just to name a few.

The above image is Henry Ford taking an axe to an automobile made of Hemp. He was trying to illustrate it's durability.
In this series we will break down the top twenty uses of hemp in its various forms. The list may not stop at twenty. I will try to put out at least one installment per day over the next week. The posts will illustrate both the economic viability of the crop as well as its environmentally friendly nature!
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