Tuesday, May 30, 2017

DEA Interfering With North Carolina Pilot Hemp Program

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A couple of months ago, officials in North Carolina announced that they were looking to start a new hemp test program, and they called on farmers in the state to approach with interest in growing industrial hemp.

There was said to be a decent amount of interest with farmers already within the state, who were interested in embracing this crop and seeing about what benefits it could provide.

For the farmers in NC who are interested in taking part in the hemp program, they would need to acquire a permission slip(state license) first, before they could go about growing the crop. The administration of that slip would be under the authority of the Industrial Hemp Commission for the state.
Those who do get approved would have their crops routinely assessed in order to make sure that they aren't above the THC limit, because if it's found to be then that's a quick way to see that the crop gets burnt to the ground.
It looked like state officials were eager to get the program off the ground and that there were a number of willing farmers who were ready to get started on planting what was needed for the statewide test.

But the DEA is said to be interfering with the progress by getting involved with shipments of hemp seeds.

Despite industrial hemp being grown in a number of areas around the U.S., it still for the most part remains prohibited federally and it is strictly regulated mostly for research purposes.
Congress passed a farm bill back in 2014, permitting certain hemp to be grown under state authority as part of industrial hemp test projects, and it appears NC wanted to make due on those changes.
According to a member with the North Carolina Industrial Hemp Commission, they say that the DEA is intentionally trying to delay hemp seeds from being shipped to the state; for the pilot hemp program.
They have alleged that the DEA is trying to delay their progress purposefully and they are concerned about not having the seeds to plant at the appropriate time.
It's also alleged that the North Carolina Hemp Commission has previously sought a temporary restraining order against the DEA, in an effort to try and stop them from interfering with those who are attempting to import the hemp seeds into the state.
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