Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Hemp + Park + Play. Yes, bring the kids! School is out after all!

Hemp Event
Source: meetup.com

  •  to 
  • Victoria Arbors Park

    7429 Arbor Lane, Rancho CucamongaCA (map)
  • Running around, breathing in the fresh air, getting exercise...
  • as the host I'll wear G R E E N & blow bubbles!
  • Hemp Advocates...and all the curious parents out there!
    Children are out of school for the local school district-so bring them! Hemp is not a DRUG, it's totally LEGAL! This is great information for all ages! Join up at the local park so kids can mingle and we, adults, can engage in conversation about this GREEN RUSH!
    G A T H E R to learn about health benefits & business opportunities within the Industrialized Hemp market. . .while your children frolic & play!
    C O N N E C T to share resources and testimony. . .be in the presence of other busy parents who are curious about the industry!
    L E A R N about a Nanoenhanced Hemp Oil that should be in everyone's wellness routine. . .and everyone means children and adults alike!
    L I V E. L I F E. W E L L. 
    Thanks for your interest. Anyone need answers sooner, feel free to reach out: 
    Non meet-up individuals are always W E L C O M E.

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