Tuesday, May 30, 2017

CLOWNS ON PATROL: Police trying to seize Hemp plants at the HHI Expo

Source: crazzfiles.com
Don’t These Idiot Clowns Have Anything Better To Do Other Than Harass People At A Hemp Store At An Expo? 
These Are Hemp Plants You Ridiculous Clowns & The Level Of Arrogance & Stupidity On Display From These Cops Defies Belief. 
What Has Happened To Australia & How Did Things Become So Bad?  
Why Aren’t These Clown Cops Out Catching Bad Guys & Eating Doughnuts On Stakeouts? 
Seriously, Seizing A Couple Of Hemp Plants From An Expo? This Is Utterly Pathetic & Makes Me Feel Ashamed Of This Country. 

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