Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Hemp Seed Sources for Planting

Source: industrialhemp.ces.ncsu.edu/

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Palomo Farms Newsletter Vol 1 Issue 1 (NC source of European seed) webpage
List of recommended hemp varieties in Canada
list of hemp varieties for Kentucky (includes prohibited and varieties of concern based on THC levels)
This list is for your information and research purposes. Neither the NC Cooperative Extension service, the NC Industrial Hemp Commission nor the NC Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services endorse any of the seed sources.
To purchase seed you must have a permit from the North Carolina Industrial Hemp Commission to grow hemp as well as a DEA permit to import seed. The seed prices I have been quoted from various sources range from 2.50 to 20 $ per pound. Certified seed should have the following information on the label:
i. The name or kind of seed present; (i.e. Hemp)
ii. The variety name or the letters VNS (variety not stated)
iii. A lot number
iv. Origin (State/country)
v. Percentage by weight of all weed seeds.
vi. The name and rate of occurrence of all restricted noxious weed seeds. vii. Percentage by weight of inert matter
viii. Percentage of germination, exclusive of hard or dormant seed.
ix. Percentage of hard or dormant seeds, if present.
x. The calendar month and year that the test was completed to determine germination percentages
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