Sunday, January 24, 2016

Give us hemp


Hemp, marihuana, marijuana, once many hundreds of acres grown here, and proven to be valuable in many ways, was outlawed by a bill imposing a tax on it. Most are familiar with the cannabis oil controversy going on now. Cannabis oil, proven beyond a doubt to improve one’s health and slow/stop convulsions in children, can't get by the political hacks professing to be our guardian angels.
Hemp, entirely legal to grow 'til 1937, was used to make medicine, paper, clothes, and a product similar to cement which was water and fireproof. Clothes lasting twice as long, were stronger, and softer than cotton, ropes, excellent food from the seed and best of all, medicine, all from the hemp plant. This plant can be grown so that very little of THC is in the plant now called marijuana.
One acre of hemp produces fabric equal to 2-3 acres of cotton, paper pulp equal to 2-4 acres of trees and needs no pesticides, herbicides and little fertilizer. It also chokes out weeds, is easier to maintain and harvest, grows most anywhere, frost resistant etc. Once a major crop here, now outlawed, why?
Some think politics, money, the drug industry, but we need this product. We can grow it with a negligible amount of the "high drug" in it. Whiskey, commodes, shower heads, light bulbs, taxes and much more controlled by politicians who can't control hemp plants. Is there more to it than we are told?

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