Sunday, January 31, 2016

10 things Italians should know about cannabis

By Robert Lunghini

10 things Italians should know about cannabis

1. Growing cannabis sativa in Italy is completely legal;
2. Almost 1,500 hectares are cultivated in Italy;
3. France is the undisputed leader in Europe, with 11,000 hectares of the 20,000 in the whole of Europe;
4. Cannabis sativa is an annual, wild plant that adapts to almost any type of soil;
5. Hemp is environmentally friendly: it’s perfect for growing with natural methods;
6. Hemp seeds are one of the most valuable foods for the body;
7. One of the most recent uses is as a green building material;
8. Therapeutic cannabis has an analgesic effect for neurological chronic pain or pain linked to diseases such as multiple sclerosis;
9. Uruguay, led by José “Pepe” Mujica (president until March 2015), is the first country in the world to approve the total legalisation of the production, sale and use of cannabis;
10. Since 2007, medical marijuana has been legal throughout Italy.
These are just some of the curious facts you can discover reading ‘Il filo di canapa‘, the most complete and updated handbook that offers “instructions for use” for this plant: from cooking it to using it in textiles, from building materials to green cosmetics. It also shines light on the current laws and those being discussed, including the proposals to legalise the drug, considering that about one-third of Italian inmates are detained for drug-related offences, 50% of which are related to cannabis.

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