Friday, January 22, 2016

Building With Hemp: America’s Next Industrial Revolution?

By Gregory Rogers

Whether or not a rough draft of The Declaration of Independence was first outlined on hemp paper remains a point of contention for some historians. Regardless, Henry Ford DID build some seriously high functioning vehicle parts with it; George Washington definitely cultivated it, utilizing the valuable hemp fiber for making sails and rope, and now that some states allow farmers to cultivate and use this historically maligned plant, hemp activists are helping to plant the seeds of a new heyday for this defamed herb – building eco-friendly homes.
Thankfully, the U.S. has begun rolling out the ‘Welcome’ (back) doormat for the long slandered and ancient foliage, repairing the reputation of the once commonly used fibrous plant and reviving its reputation damaged by the anti-drug hysteria of 1937.
After the passage of the 2014 farm bill, some states now allow for the limited cultivation of the helpful plant and activists point to the potential prosperous times ahead.

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