Thursday, March 9, 2017


By Carlo Desierto


The needless prohibition on marijuana had many harmful effects, and hurt many innocent people. It also had senseless effects on the Hemp industry. Hemp is similar to marijuana as a plant, except it isn’t suitable for smoking or any other type of consumption at all, because the THC count in it is too low. Hemp is a fantastic material for creating many different fabrics, paper, and much more.  Tragically, Hemp is one of the oldest plants cultivated for such purposes.
Now that legalization is imminent, Hemp is going to be a billion dollar industry very soon. Hemp was grown to use to create fabric by both Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. One of the oldest relics of human industry ever found are hemp fabrics that date back to 8,000 BC. We also have Chinese paper made out of hemp that is more than two thousand years old. We know that hemp has a fantastically rich past, now let’s look into why the hemp industry has a very bright future!
Why is Hemp important?
Hemp is a fantastic material for many different reasons. It is absolutely mind boggling that it was ever outlawed – or that it is often treated by the law as being equivalent to marijuana. The amount of products that hemp can be use to make is very long. It can be used to make many different types of fabric, different types of papers, biofuel, and much more. Hemp is easily one of the strongest natural fibers that humans have discovered. It also has the longest fibers, which helps weave things easily, and also gives hemp the durability it is so famous for. Hemp also has the best insulation in all the natural fibers.
Since hemp is a natural fiber, it ‘breathes’, which means that it is suitable for fabrics that are used to create uniforms and athletic wear. Hemp’s absorbent, mildew resistant fibers are perfect for both the summer and winter seasons, as they help retain your body heat, while at the same time allowing your skin to get some air. Even the bark of the hemp stalk is useful – it contains bast fibers, which are long, rich in cellulose fibers.
Why is Hemp a great crop to grow?
Hemp is great for consumers, but it is even better for cultivators. The paper industry is demolishing our natural timber – hemp can help, as it has a much higher pulp yield per acre, while taking a shorter time to grow. This means that hemp, compared to timber, gives faster and more output. The low lignin content in hemp is also useful – manufacturers don’t need to use the high amount of acids used in pulping. Its creamy color also means less bleaching is involved, which lowers cost and is great for the environment.
Hemp can be grown without pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides and it is also a natural weed suppressor.    Hemp is also used to produce biodegradable plastic. Thus hemp can replace timber used for paper, cotton used for fabric, and some plastics, resulting in a very positive effect on our environment. It is easy to grow, has a fast turnaround time, and gives a high yield.

DSC_1056Regan Nelson, President of Wonderature®
Why millennials need to enter the Hemp industry.
Try to enter any industry and you will face tough competition with established brands and companies. Since hemp has been illegal for so long, there are no major corporations that control the market, which gives millennials the perfect opportunity to gain a foothold in this industry. Marijuana is being legalized all over the world, and hemp will be legalized along with it. We won’t be surprised if hemp gets legalized earlier, because it isn’t even something that can be used as a viable recreational drug.
Millennials can also create hemp products that appeal to millennial consumers. The millennial generation is willing to pay a higher price if they agree with the ethics of a product. That is why so many organic and ethical companies are profitable nowadays – even when a cheaper product is available, people prefer to pay a bit more and get something that doesn’t damage our planet. Thus millennials will be happy to buy hemp products, even if they come at a premium. This will allow hemp manufacturers to quickly recoup their investment and infrastructure expenses. Millennials also have a strong belief that industrialization has run amok and polluted our planet too much, which is why they will be big consumers of hemp in the future. This is the perfect time to start working on hemp production for millennials.
INVESTOR CALL: Are you an accredited investor with a keen interest in the hemp fabric market?
We have several millennial entrepreneurs that are in need of funding for their hemp apparel manufacturing facility. Though marijuana is still restricted federally in the United States, the commodity of hemp apparel is growing exponentially since it doesn’t involve touching the plant.  Many cannabis related companies are investing their advertising dollars on apparel marketing, so they can infiltrate their brand in the market while they wait for the approval of adult recreational use in their state.  Here’s a famous statement from California Gold Rush’s first millionaire, Samuel Brannan“Rather than taking the route of looking for a big gold strike, sell stuff everyone else needed to try to find the next big strike. Picks and shovels.” And take a wild guess who sold the most during in that era’s rush? [Levis Strauss]

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