Saturday, March 11, 2017

Hoodlamb: Style, Durability & All About Hemp

Hemp Product

We are a summer loving family who love to escape to beach destinations year round. Though we have been intrigued to visit cold destinations in the past, I always automatically omit any and all options particularly for my fear and dislike of cold weather as well as my lack of winter clothing. After all, it already gets down to the 60s in Florida, thats enough winter for me ha!
There is one particular destination; however, that I was willing to make an exemption and break all the rules mainly because I always thought I was never going to visit, and that is: Finland. Visiting Finland has always been one of those long and far dreams that you have and never really think it will happen, especially when I sleep with an extra blanket when the temperature drops below 70s….
Once we decided to go, I immediately started researching sustainable and/or vegan extreme winter gear and thats when I felt hopeless. Almost everything for extreme weather had down, a material that I try to avoid. After much research, I came across a brand that seemed just too perfect to be true, not only were they suitable for extreme weather, water proof and had beautiful designed products, they were also sustainably made, 100% vegan (meaning down and wool free)  provided fair labor, and focused on quality to provide timeless pieces! And one of my favorite things, their products are made using earths strongest natural fiber: Hemp! And not just any hemp either, hemp that is organically grown and sewed in family owned factories. Finally, a product that was perfect for Finland!
Equipped with my Hoodlamb Parka, hoodie, and my beanie, not only did I survive the negative temperatures in Finland (lowest was -11F), I was super comfy, warm and feeling super stylish.Yes me, the girl who complains about the Florida winters… not even my husband could believe it! When the temperature dropped between -11 to -7, I wore a thermal long sleeve, a fleece sweater and my Hoodlamb hoodie and parka; and the rest of the days I just removed my fleece sweater. I believe the secret to the warmth of the parka is that it’s fully lined with “Satifur”  which is their own blend of vegan fur. This also makes the coat a little on the heavier side so I recommend carrying the jacket with you in the airplane rather than putting it in your luggage if you are trying to save some luggage space/pounds (as we usually are).
If I had visited Lapland, Finland in January when temperatures can get below -20F or even -30F, the Nordic Parka along with the Furry Hoodie were probably a better choice as they are even warmer.
I happily and gladly wore my new winter gear everyday during our Finland trip and continued to do so for the few days we spent in Stockholm and Zurich. I do regret only taking one coat, but now that I know these products are actually warm, are high quality and fit beautifully, I am looking forward to try different designs to explore more cold destinations with! The only complaint that I have is that they don’t carry products for kids as this would had been a perfect fit for my little one as well!\

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