Friday, February 3, 2017

Vancouver, BC Hempcrete Workshop with Hemp Technologies & Hemp Ace International

By Hemp Technologies and Hemp Ace International


Hemp Technologies, builders of the first permitted hempcrete homes in the U.S., is uniquely positioned and very proud to offer their Hempcrete Workshop participants a world class team comprised entirely of industry leaders, experienced hempcrete builders and professional instructors from around the globe who are immersed in sustainability, industrial hemp and green building. Our premier Hempcrete Workshops include fascinating presentations on the science and use of hempcrete, along with complimentary whole healthy house building applications, and current federal regulatory landscape and processing infrastructure. Workshops also include the hand-mixing and forming of your own hempcrete block, breakfast fruit, and a delicious lunch! Don't miss an opportunity to attend one of our captivating Hempcrete Workshops!
Vancouver attendees are in for a special treat because our world class Instructor Joy Beckerman will be joined in person at this Hempcrete Workshop by our globally recognized industrial hemp expert President Anndrea Hermann, M.Sc, B.GS, P.Ag.! Hemp Technologies' larger than life Co-Founder Greg Flavall will also participate via live Skype video from New Zealand. Hemp Technologies built the first permitted hempcrete homes in the U.S. under Greg's leadership, and there are over 50 years of combined industrial hemp experience between these three internationally renowned hemp industry leadersClick here to learn more about Joy, Anndrea and Greg.
Hempcrete, made from industrial hemp and lime, is the healthiest possible building material for constructing a safe indoor air environment. It is mold-resistant, rot-resistant, fire-resistant and pest-resistant. Hempcrete is a carbon negative, carbon sequestering building material that is durable and recyclable, lasting hundreds of years. Hempcrete regulates temperature and has a high vapor permeability, so it can absorb and release water, allowing it to respond to changing humidity levels and creating a “breathable wall.” Join us and learn from the experts!

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