Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Tilba doco maker Sol Ramana Clarke to speak at Hemp Health & Innovation Expo

By Stan Gorton
Source: batemansbaypost.com.au

Filmmaker Sol Ramana-Clarke in the hemp fields of remote western Nepal

Central Tilba resident and documentary maker Sol Ramana-Clarke will be a featured exhibitor as well as a speaker at Australia’s inaugural Hemp Health & Innovation Expo in Sydney.
The Hemp Health & Innovation Expo and combined United In Compassion Medicinal Cannabis Symposium (HHI Expo & Symposium) is taking place at Rosehill Gardens in Sydney, Saturday and Sunday May 14-15 and is due to be opened by the NSW Premier Mike Baird.
Organisers say the HHI Expo and Symposium is the first and only event of its kind in Australian history and will see the biggest line up of expert speakers in the field of medicinal cannabis from around the globe ever assembled in Australia come together for two full ground-breaking days.
The expo component will provide information and awareness around the benefits the Hemp plant has to offer and will feature a range of workshops, ‘The Field of Dreams’, ‘Garden of Tranquility’, ‘Mind Art - Wireless Brain Painting’, as well as everything from hemp scooters, hemp fabrics, textiles, clothing, bedding, beauty and health products, medicinal hemp products and building materials to hydroponic equipment and more. 
And Mr Ramana-Clarke will take to the HHI Arena Stage talking about his documentary "The Hemp Solution – for Healthy People on a Healthy Planet”.
Sol Ramana-Clarke began collecting the interviews and research for The Hemp Solution while working with The Empowerment Project – a team of activist political documentary filmmakers in Los Angeles in the late 1980s. 
At this time he was a researcher and segment editor on ‘Coverup – Behind the Iran Contra Affair’ in 1987 and Panama Deception, an Oscar winner for Best Documentary in 1993. 
In 1991 he began producing The Hemp Revolution, which was released in 1995 as a 16mm film and was well received in over 100 cities and film festivals worldwide. It also was released on VHS, DVD, Netflix and TV including The Lifestye Channel in Australia. 
In 2010 he re-mastered and updated the original film and re-released it on DVD as The Hemp Solution – For a Sustainable Future, and then did a second update in 2016 titled The Hemp Solution – for Healthy People on a Healthy Planet (92mins + 13mins of extras).
He has also produced a variety of videos including the music video “Kata Tjuta Dreaming” which won Best Regional Music Video of the Year 2014 with the Australian Independent Music Video Awards.
Mr Ramana-Clarke is co-owner of Gulaga Gallery & Bookstore in Central Tilba, NSW south of Narooma, which sells and promotes hemp clothing, cosmetics and food. He is also a jewellery craftsman, musician and retreat facilitator. 
He has a BA in Political Science and Communications from Friends World College, State University of New York, in 1986 and a HSC from Sydney Grammar School in 1974. Find out more at www.ConsciousLightProductions.com
More on The Hemp Solution:
 “THE HEMP SOLUTION -  for Healthy People on a Healthy Planet” explores the hemp plant’s [Cannabis Sativa’s] fascinating history, its thousands of uses, the economic & cultural forces behind its prohibition, and its ability to solve major health and environmental problems.
This is the 2nd update of the highly acclaimed documentary THE HEMP REVOLUTION - first released theatrically in 1995 to 100 cities worldwide.  The updated medical section reveals the latest research in THC's & CBD’s remarkable ability to kill cancer cells, heal many illnesses, and the newly found role of cannabinoids in balancing every bodily function. This miracle plant also provides sustainable paper, organic textiles, composite materials and building products, fuel, nutritious food & skin care...if only it were legal…
This Australian film also examines the history and controversy around the drug marijuana, the current “war on drugs” and the alternative policy options taking root around the world. The tide is turning... cannabis hemp is returning!
With exciting footage shot through Europe, the US, Australia and Nepal, it also features the world's top experts on hemp & cannabis related issues including Dr Andrew Weil, Dr Lester Grinspoon, Dr Andrew Katelaris, Dr. Bob Melamede, Prof. Peter Dale Scott, Terence McKenna, Ric Simpson, Gatewood Galbraith and more... the doco also has a great soundtrack with music from Jackson Browne, Sirocco, Stephen Housden and more!

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