Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Someone made a car out of cannabis and it looks great

By Jimmy Nsubuga
Source: metro.co.uk

Someone made a car out of cannabis and it looks great
Bruce Dietzen in the driving seat of his hemp car (Picture: Barcroft)

Some of you might have imagined doing something as unusual as building a car out of cannabis just after smoking the substance.

But one man has actually done it.

OK, it’s cannabis hemp and not the stuff that gets you high – but it’s still impressive.

He’s not going to smoke it because that wouldn’t make any sense (Picture: Barcroft)

The man behind the car, Bruce Michael Dietzen from Florida, hopes his environmentally-friendly automobile could help debunk the taboo behind the cannabis plant and its uses.

‘Cannabis hemp is still considered a dangerous drug according to the government. It’s considered as dangerous as heroin or cocaine – it’s insane!,’ he said.

His green machine, made from the chassis of a Mazda convertible, utilised three piles of woven hemp, making it lighter than cars made from fibre glass.

The vehicle is also surprisingly strong: Mr Dietzen estimates the body is at least ten times more dent-resistant than steel.

Mr Dietzen with a Hemp cloth (Picture: Barcroft)
Mr Dietzen was inspired to build the sports car after hearing about renowned industrialist, Henry Ford, using the durable material in 1941 to build the world’s first Soybean/Hemp car.

He added: ‘I live in Florida, hemp is still illegal to grow so I had to import the woven material all the way from China because we still don’t have the facilities that can make hemp fabrics.’

The car itself cost the former National Sales Manager at Dell $200,000 (£137,903) to build.

It runs on a bio fuel made from recycled agricultural waste and is expected to have a much lower carbon footprint than standard electric powered cars when it goes into mass production.

The former executive is currently working on a Docu-Series entitled: ‘Hempsters Cannabis Car Tour’, which is available on Apple TV, Amazon, Netflix, ITunes, Hulu and YouTube.

Look at the rims (Picture: Barcroft)

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