Sunday, March 20, 2016

County Commission discusses historical preservation, industrial hemp

By Lucas Johnson

The Saline County (Kansas) Commission discussed several upcoming events at its meeting Tuesday morning, March 8.

Southern Commissioner Monte Fenner reported the Saline County Historical Commission will be hosting a camp, which he described as a commission assisted mentoring program.
"What they will be doing is having seminars on historic preservation," Fenner said. "Some of the topics will be legal basics on setting up and maintaining a historic preservation committee, meeting procedures, preservation planning, public support and community outreach."

The camp will be held Thursday and Friday, April 21-22.

Fenner also announced an informational display on industrial hemp will be making its way through Marshall and stop at the Jim the Wonder Dog Park from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday, March 9.

"Their going to go along the Santa Fe Trail and trace that trail throughout the county," Fenner said. "They are also going to be stopping at Jim the Wonder Dog Welcome Center Park, and they will have some of their different types of hemp products that they use."
Some of the beneficial uses for hemp according to Fenner are food, fiber, bio-fuel, construction materials, health and beauty products, cardboard insulation, animal bedding, clothing and textiles just to name a few.

Other administrative needs were also addressed at the meeting as the commission announced it accepted a bid from Boone Construction for $629,821 to complete the bridgework for bridge 49 on 205th Road. Fenner also noted the brush clearing project on 160th road has been completed, and in the same area he said a new tube will replace an old bridge approximately one-and-a-half miles down the road.

County Clerk Debbie Russell announced her office will test the county voting equipment Wednesday, March 8, per Missouri state statute. She also noted the county received a check from the state in the amount of $2,520.44.

"That was reimbursement to some expenditures we had when we did our canvassing to make sure the voters were at the location they should be and so forth," Russell said.
The next commission meeting will be held Tuesday, March 15.

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