Thursday, February 18, 2016

Indiana House OKs Hemp Bill

By Dan McGowan

(Image Courtesy of Purdue University.)

A bill designed to make it easier to purchase hemp seeds for industrial production and research has been approved by the Indiana House. The measure now returns to the Senate. Jean Leising (R-49) authored the bill and says it will support potential commercialization opportunities at Purdue University, which is the only research institution in the state licensed to grow the crop.
The legislation would allow licensed growers of industrial strains of the plant to retain seed to use the following year.
Leising said "industrial hemp has been shown to have many potential uses. It is important to the agricultural community to be able to conduct research fairly and within the law. This bill will make it easier for Purdue to conduct their necessary research and explore the ways this product can be used commercially."
Purdue harvested the crop for the first time last year. It moves back to the Senate after receiving no amendments in the House.

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