Thursday, December 24, 2015

Hemp lip balm causes furor at Alaska military base — 400 tubes tossed


'It's a real thing; kind of embarrassing, I guess,' said a spokesman for Joint Base Elmendorf-Richards

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Officials say they had to discard hundreds of tubes of lip balm that were distributed at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richards after they were found to have hemp seed oil as an ingredient, which contains trace amounts of THC.

The base’s Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office had been distributing the lip balm as it typically does with other promotional items, like water bottles and calendars, The Alaska Dispatch News reported. JBER spokesman 1st Lt. Michael Harrington said the lip balm was purchased mistakenly.

“Not everybody thinks to check the ingredients list on ChapStick,” said Harrington.

The lip balm contained hemp seed oil, which is banned under U.S. Army and Air Force regulations.

The base’s public affairs team had emailed JBER employees Wednesday, asking them to toss out the 400 tubes of lip balm. The email was posted on the Air Force amn/nco/snco Facebook page.

“It’s a real thing; kind of embarrassing, I guess,” Harrington said.

While the lip balm “does not have a significant amount of THC to register on a drug test,” the email says, it still falls under the ban on hemp seed products.

Harrington said the products were thrown out to “take the route of utmost caution.”

Information from: Alaska Dispatch News

Comments from the original post:
  • This is one instance of what will be one of the great new frontiers our society will face as we wind down the drug wars--unraveling the tangled web of subsidiary regulations that rely on the Controlled Substance Act continuing to classify marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug. Even if congress decides in a spasm of reality to repeal the CSA, we will have things like this, financial regulations, zero tolerance rules, workplace limitations and many more residual tools that the wannabe drug warriors can call upon to continue wreaking havoc on our society. It will take some clever work from legislatures (there's an oxymoron for you) to come up with ways to wipe them all out at once.
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        Co-incidentally, I decided on a whim this a.m. to read the ingredients in my Publix brand oatmeal cookies and found a list including propylene glycol. I'd rather it were organic hemp seed oil.
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            This is what happens when reason and logic are tossed to the wind and the rules are followed to the T regardless that everyone knows better. Just more wasted tax dollars. More stupid political/military decisions.
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              military intelligence = jumbo shrimp.
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                Why, exactly, was hemp seed oil banned? Was there a fear that someone would spike the hemp seed oil with a huge dose of THC to make our troops lose their minds or something? Or was this actually based on the controlled substances act?
                If we are going to follow that sort of, er, "logic", we might as well ban other plant oils, too. Pretty much all of them contain a trace amount of something that we wouldn't want in our bodies in abundance.
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                    unacceptable levels of ignorance.
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                        Consider, If you would, 
                        the 'sage wisdom' of one of our Most Revered former Commanders in Chief: 
                        “I now have absolute proof that smoking even one marijuana cigarette is 
                        equal in brain damage to being on Bikini Island during an H-bomb blast.” 
                        ~Ronald Reagan 

                        Even non-psychoactive, ZERO THC food products made from this incredibly dangerous plant 
                        need to be regulated as strictly as fissile uranium and plutonium isotopes... / SARC
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                          This is a disgraceful waste of taxpayers money. There is no logical reason why it should have been thrown out this is just a control freak having a tantrum. There is basically no THC in seed oil. The amount is so tiny it will only show up on the cheap testing kits the police like to use because it always gets a positive result.
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                              Uh, they couldn't have returned it to the distributor, C.O.D.? And if these were promotional items WHY did they buy them?! I bet people are lined up to scavenge their trash now.
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                                  Stupid IS!
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                                      Come on folks, lighten up! What's the big deal? 400 tubes of lip balm at the typical military price of $250 a tube is only $20,000. The base commander spend more than that on toilet paper in a day!

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