Sunday, September 8, 2013

Hemp oil advocate says it's good for all

By Margaret Speirs 

Rick Simpson was in town last week promoting the benefits of hemp oil.

Hemp oil cures cancer, helps with weight loss, gives you better mental alertness and virtually anything you can think of, it’s good for.

That’s the word from Rick Simpson who advocates its medicinal uses plus the many uses of hemp itself, from fuelling vehicles to building houses and everything in between.

“The plant has the power to heal the whole planet from the inside out,” he said. Simpson found out about hemp oil while he was suffering from post-concussion syndrome after head trauma in 1997. Doctors were giving him medicine after medicine and nothing seemed to be helping. 

Then he saw an episode of The Nature of Things with David Suzuki in 1998 called Reefer Madness about smoking pot for medical problems.

He procured some pot and found it did more for him than any of the medications doctors had prescribed and he was cured of the post-concussion syndrome. Simpson said it cures cancer too. He had a doctor who was diagnosed with cancer so Simpson suggested the oil to him and he wasn’t interested. The doctor took chemotherapy and later died, said Simpson.

He said he knew a person dying of colitis who took the oil and was cured.

Now would you rather put toxic chemicals in your body or an essential oil that’s been used for centuries, he asked, adding it was used back in Biblical times. He said there’s photos of Henry Ford holding up a mix of ethanol and hemp oil that he was going to use to fuel cars in 1941, although he never did do it. We should be living in a hemp-based society, he said. If hemp oil was used widely, 90 per cent of doctors would be out of business, he said.

He’s been busted by police for production and trafficking. He said he had to cultivate the plant to get the oil but wasn’t trafficking because he was giving it away for free. The definition of trafficking involves money being exchanged.

Many police officers tell him they hope he wins his court cases. Decriminalization would only lead to more taxes, which we don’t need, he said.

“We need to make the plant legal,” he said. And even though he doesn’t work out, he has a six pack, he said, adding he’s 63-years-old. Terrace resident Barry Prince, who brought Simpson up here to talk about hemp oil, said he had lost 17 pounds from taking the oil. Both men said hemp seems to know your ideal weight and will help you achieve it, whether that means losing weight or gaining it.

Simpson said he wanted people to take away from his talk how to heal themselves.

(Blogger's Note: the term Hemp Oil, as used in this article, refers to highly concentrated THC oil from the flower of the cannabis plant, not the cold-pressed non-psychoactive food grade oil from the industrial hemp plant.) 

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